Fun and games in drama

Fun and games in drama

Dear All 

Today in drama the visitors were Mark (comedian), and Pete (volunteer). We started in the morning with a general warm up, then a vocal warm up taken by today’s tutor, Mark.

Next, we got into groups to tell each other a boring fact (!) adding movements and actions to make them more interesting. Later on we added pretending to be an animal, in pairs; then we told stories involving all we had done so far. Next, some of the group did role plays in different situations and places; followed by lunch.

In the afternoon we first of all talked about what we did in the morning, as some of the group were not sure. Next, we looked at one of the scenes from Cold and Wet, with the music hall acts: some clowns from London; flamenco dancers from Spain; and a lion with a lion tamer, and two mime acts from Germany acted out by various group members. I was the MC called Angelo; I started off hating all the acts, compared to myself. Then Mark suggested I could like them all instead, and say, ‘this is the best music hall in the whole world!’ It was much better this way round.

We finished with reviewing the day’s events, and thanking Mark for his help. He may come back at a later date.        

In conclusion, I really enjoyed today’s session, and I hope the rest would agree. 

By Andy M.