Rehearsing Cold and Wet

Rehearsing Cold and Wet

Dear all

in drama today the visitors were Tom (musician) and Rachel Mould who used to come to drama and was interested in joining again. Those not there were Brandon and Luke T who were at a conference in Brighton, and Stephen, who was away with his parents in Tenerife.

We started in the morning with Susan asking us all what we did over the weekend. Next, we talked about last week’s Comedy Workshop with Mark Curtis, and how we enjoyed it. Then Andrea said we might be performing Cold and Wet at Leatherhead Theatre on Oct 29th.

Next, a quick warm up, and then we rehearsed a scene of Cold and Wet, followed by lunch time. In the afternoon, we started reading through the Cold and Wet script with Susan and Tom; during this we sang Nick’s song.

I think we finished off by voting whether to accept Rachel back into the Monday group – we voted ‘Yes’. In conclusion, I really enjoyed today’s session, and I hope the rest would agree.

Andy M.