Theatrical happenings

Theatrical happenings

Dear All
In drama today, there were no visitors, and those not there were Nick and Anthony.

We started in the morning with Brandon wishing some members a happy St Patrick’s Day. Then Brandon and Luke T talked about the conference they went to last week at Leatherhead Theatre called Creative Minds. They said they enjoyed it and got lots of ideas from the day.

Brandon then told us that one of people at the conference offers residential theatre holidays in Southampton, and asked who was interested; several members said ‘yes’.

Next Brandon said he went to a comedy workshop in Brighton last week, and enjoyed it. Then he mentioned that Nick is in the play Welcome to Terazin, at The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre next week.

Next Andrea, Anna and Sonas spoke of the Trust Dance Workshop and Sports they went to on Friday. Then Luke H said he went to Leatherhead Theatre last week to learn about discrimination against people with physical and learning disabilities. Brandon said he wanted some Charlie Chaplin films in Cold and Wet, so then we watched some; they were both serious and funny.

Next we had lunch, and during the break we saw two films: a funny one about an orchestra, and the other being Pip and Yvonne’s Burma Trek.
In the afternoon we started by watching one more Charlie Chaplin film, Mabel’s Married Life, with an attractive young lady, a ‘cad’, and Charlie Chaplin himself, on a park bench. We performed our own versions of this later on, splitting into groups of three.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed it today and I think the rest did too.
By Andy M.