Comedy workshops

Comedy workshops

Dear All 

today in drama the visitor was Mark (comedian), and everyone was there. We started in the morning with Mark saying what we will do this week; he said we will talk about confusion. Then he took a warm up session, then we worked in pairs. Next, we did some group work, then more pairs work. Then a feedback session, followed by break time, and then more group and pairs work (performing to the rest of the group, pretending to be clowns).

Next we had lunch time; during the break we sang Terry Happy Birthday.

In the afternoon, we started with Stephen having to make the noises of a Harley Davidson motor bike, a washing machine and an insect! Next, we did phone calls in pairs – to do with Cold and Wet. We finished off with a role play, also connected to Cold and Wet.

In conclusion I really enjoyed it today and I think the rest would agree.

Andy M.