Theatre visits retold – and rehearsing, too

Theatre visits retold – and rehearsing, too

Dear All 

here is a review of today’s drama; I may not remember everything but will try and include most of it.

The visitors were Emily from Trestle Theatre Company, and Paul from Breaking the Bubble (music technology). Those not there were Rachel, Nick, Dan and Stephen.  

We started with Brandon welcoming Emily to the session, then Luke H said he has some music to go into the one of scenes from Cold and Wet. Next, various members talked about events that they have been to, or that are coming up: Brandon talked about the Youth Theatre group performing Fantastic Mr Fox tonight at the Bridge Youth Club, with volunteer Peter in the starring role.

Next, we talked about Nick’s performance in Welcome to Terezin, at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre; those who went said it was very good. Richard saw the X Factor Tour Show last week and enjoyed it; Anthony said he will be appearing on internet radio later this week, and I told everyone about seeing I Can’t Sing! at the London Palladium a week ago – I said it was quite good.

Then we had a warm up session with Emily, doing the Charlie Chaplin ‘park bench’ scene from Cold and Wet. Next, we rehearsed the park bench scene in groups of three or four, then had lunch. 

In the afternoon we started with Brandon and Chris Crane performing a ‘confused conversation’ scene that will be in Cold and Wet; we then had a go ourselves in pairs, and then performed these to the rest of the group.

Next, Paul, from Breaking The Bubble, told us about an event on July 30th at G Live in Guildford and invited us all to this.

I forgot to say that one of the visitors was Emms from the Tuesday group; she is interested in joining the Monday one. Emily took her away along with Luke T and Jamie to rehearse the park bench scene.

Finally I think we rehearsed another scene from Cold and Wet, and also voted whether to have Emms in the Monday group – I think we said ‘yes’.

In conclusion I really thought it went well today and I think the rest would agree. 

Andy M.