Cold and Wet rehearsals

Cold and Wet rehearsals

Dear All 

In drama today the visitor was Tom (musician); those not there were Sue, Anthony O’Sullivan and Chris Crane. 

We started in the morning with Brandon saying what we will be doing today, including showing Andrea what we did for Cold and Wet last week (when she was not there). Then Luke T showed us a book about World War I, to help with Cold and Wet.

Next, various members talked about events or activities they have been to, or are going to. Mathew watched his football team, Aston Villa, play at Crystal Palace and saw ex Freewheelers member Nicky Alcorn there, who also supports Crystal Palace – they won 1-0. He also watched the Rushmore Boy’s Choir at Woking later on.

Richard saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Brighton, and enjoyed it. Terry went to Caterham to show some of her paintings. Jamie saw someone from the children’s TV programme, Rainbow.

Next, a quick warm up, followed by listening to Luke T’s song from Cold and Wet, Dear Johnny; then we rehearsed the opening scene from Cold and Wet. Followed by lunch; during the break we sang volunteer Pete Happy Birthday, and had some cake.

In the afternoon, we started with listening to Anna’s song, Happy Family; she composed with Tom – it was very good. Next, we  listened to Terry’s song from Cold and Wet, called Memories, and did a scene from Cold and Wet to go with it, and afterwards other songs from the same show. Then we got into groups of three to do the park bench scene from Cold and Wet; in my group were Rachel and Luke H; we performed the sketches to each other.

Finally, we had a cool down game, based on the TV programme Eastenders – this was great fun.  

In conclusion, I really enjoyed today’s session, and I think the rest would agree. 

Andy M.