Today was mostly Cold and Wet

Today was mostly Cold and Wet

Dear All 

Today in drama the visitor was Tom (musician) and those not there were Viv and Luke T.

We started with Brandon welcoming us all back from the Easter break including Tom. Then Susan told us about her holiday to South Africa for her son’s wedding. She went to Cape Town and other places, and said it was magical, great fun and enjoyable, despite some setbacks.

Zena hopes to go to Australia later this year. Anthony saw The Lion King in London last week and enjoyed it. Terry saw The King and I on television and loved it; she is also giving a talk at St John’s School, Leatherhead, on Friday about the Freewheelers and asked for our help.

Brandon said St John’s have The Freewheelers as their chosen charity for this year, and that we are performing a pantomime there on May 18th on the schools stage; he asked who might like to come and watch. Next Brandon mentioned the Daisy Drama Festival in June in Guildford, then he told us he saw a show in Brighton last Friday and liked it; it was called Leo.

There was a warm up next, then Cold and Wet rehearsal of various scenes, followed by lunch.  

We started the afternoon with Brandon asking who would be coming to drama next week, as it is a Bank Holiday; only Sam and Sonas said ‘no’. Mark the comedian will be there.

Then Brandon read a new scene for Cold and Wet. We then split into groups of four for one of the scenes; I was with Jamie, Stephen and Dan. We finished by reading and rehearsing Cold and Wet from page 5-15. 

In conclusion I really enjoyed today’s session and I think the rest did too.

Andy M.