Bank Holiday drama

Bank Holiday drama

Dear All 

here is a review of today’s drama. The visitor was Mark (comedian) and those not there were Sam, Richard, Nick, Luke H and Andrea. 

We started in the morning with Brandon welcoming those who came, as it was a Bank Holiday, then Terri and Brandon talked about a Freewheelers fundraising day that was held at St John’s School, Leatherhead, as we are their chosen charity for this year.The parents who attended were very generous.

Next Brandon told us of a show called It Changed My Life, and asked who was interested. Luke T saw a show at the National Theatre; I can’t remember what it is called, but it was very similar to Cold and Wet; he said he enjoyed it. Next we had some warm up games with Mark, then some MC games also with Mark, followed by lunch time.

In the afternoon we continued the MC (Master of Ceremonies) games next; I was a ventriloquist and Stephen was my puppet – this may be included in Cold and Wet. Then Mark took various members out of the group, whilst Brandon did a Soundscape on what acts might be in a Music Hall or circus. I did the ventriloquist act with Stephen in the Soundscape; I was a magician whose card tricks go wrong. We then performed them to the rest of the group (as we had done with one of the items in the morning). We finished with a feedback session. 

In conclusion I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope the rest did as well.

Andy M