Singing Special with friends

Singing Special with friends

Dear All 

today in drama it was a special session (or workshop) as we had several visitors and did a singing special. 

The visitors were Hannah Conway, Karen Gillingham, Kath McCutcheon, Philip Trumble and Richard Stilgoe. Those not there were Nick and Luke H.  

We started with Karen talking about what we would be doing today, all about the Magna Carta and rules. Then a warm up with Karen and Hannah. Next we split into groups of six to do a party sketch; we had to freeze in between each part of the sketch.

Then we stayed in our groups to talk about situations or rules we think are not very good; for instance, able-bodied people putting their cars in Disabled Car Parking spaces; and too much traffic on the roads, plus others.

Next, we watched Zena and Richard’s dance, then we listened to Luke’s song about pretending to be a horse – he did it at the Orpheus Centre a few weeks ago. Next was lunch; we had some nice cake to eat during the break! 

In the afternoon we were asked whether we enjoyed the morning’s workshop; we said we liked it. I think we then heard from Viv that the Leatherhead Drama Festival is this week at Leatherhead Theatre; several members said they would try and go to some of the shows.

Brandon then said that they are showing a film of the play The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime and asked who might like to go again; several members said ‘yes’.

Next, Brandon reminded us of the performance of The Freewheelers pantomime called A Mixed Up Fairy-tale at St John’s School, Leatherhead, 18th May at 4pm. He asked who would be there; most members said they would – Brandon then said can we wear our Freewheelers tops and fleeces when we go.

Next we listened to Luke T’s song from Cold and Wet, called Dear Johnny, then we read through Cold and Wet from page 23 (the MC’s scene) going on to the scene with Stephen and me as a ventriloquist and his dummy. The rest of the group also had a go at this – it was very funny indeed.  

In conclusion, I really liked today’s session, and I think the rest would agree.

From Andy M.