Lots happening at The Bridge

Lots happening at The Bridge

Dear All

today in drama we did a lot, so I may not put everything we did down.
The visitors were Taria Banks (volunteer); Gillian Allmark; my mother, Angela; and Bill Pearson from Nomads, who all came in for a meeting about funding for Freewheelers. Those not there were Susan and Terri. 

We started with Taria saying all about herself: she is a playwright, and is writing a play about the difficulties of disabled people gaining employment. 

I think Brandon then talked about all the outside tutors involved in Cold and Wet getting together (as they are all very busy). They are: Emily from Trestle, Tom (musician), and Mark (comedian).

Then Brandon said that some of the group are performing at the headquarters of Legal and General in Reigate on June 6th. These are: the Trust dance with Sonas and Anthony O’Sullivan; Zena and Richard’s dance for Cold and Wet (I think it is now called Tomorrow); and Luke T’s song (also from Cold and Wet), Dear Johnny

Jamie mentioned that he and others went to the White House in Surrey to talk about the history of disability; Luke T went too. Brandon then mentioned last week’s opera workshop at The Bridge with Richard Stilgoe, and other people.

Brandon then mentioned the Play in a Week (PIAW) workshop on July 4th, at The Grange, in Bookham. Liz asked who would like to go to a film of the play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, at Leatherhead Theatre next Tuesday, May 27th.

Viv was wondering who would like to help out at the DAiSY Drama Festival, in Guildford on June 3rd. Next, we rehearsed the opening scene from Cold and Wet, followed by lunchtime; during the break my mum came to see me, with some more summer clothing. 

In the afternoon, Bill Pearson took a meeting about funding of The Freewheelers; we said all aspects of the group are equally the same. Liz said she went with Luke to Birmingham, and saw a show by a group called Kaleidoscope, and said it was very good indeed.

Lastly, we had more Cold and Wet rehearsals. Brandon then said we will now not be meeting next Monday, as we were originally, as it is a Bank Holiday; we were all pleased.

I really enjoyed today’s session, and I hope the rest would agree. 

Andy M.