Freewheeling towards the summer holidays

Freewheeling towards the summer holidays

Dear All 

here is a review of what we did in this week’s drama. I may not mention everything, but try and include most of what we did. 

The visitors were Nicky Alcorn, ex-member of Freewheelers, and James Webb from Wates Builders, who might sponsor the group for a time. 

We started with Richard thanking Andrea for all her help and giving her some flowers. Then Viv brought in a Get Well Card for Stephen; we will all sign later.

Next, Brandon and others mentioned the event at Epsom College last Thursday. Richard thought it went well despite technical problems and other issues, although we may try an alternative venue – next year’s suggestions included Nescot College, Ewell; The Rose Theatre, Kingston; G-Live, Guildford; and the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill.

Brandon said he went camping with his son Sebastian last week: they learnt survival skills like lighting a fire, and got very muddy and generally had a great time.

Zena passed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and is being presented with it later in the summer by the Duke of Edinburgh himself, and Richard wants to teach choreography to the group in September on Tuesdays.

Brandon mentioned about James Webb’s visit this afternoon, and the Play in a Week (PIAW) at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, all next week.

I think we then rehearsed Cold and Wet from the start to page 9; next was lunch time. During the break we signed Stephen’s card. 

In the afternoon we listened to Luke T’s song from Cold and Wet, Dear Johnny. James Webb from Webters arrived, and we performed the opening scene from Cold and Wet for him. We thanked Yvonne for all her help as she is moving to Switzerland to live. Also Pip came with her dog Rowdy today.

In conclusion I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope the rest would agree.  

Andy M