Day 2 – getting it all sewn up…

Day 2 – getting it all sewn up…

Dear All 

Here is a review of day 2 of PIAW (or Play in a Week) at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. 

We started in the morning with a normal warm up, taken by Andrea and Brandon; then rehearsed the Different Threads song in our lines or rows. Next was a drinks break, followed by splitting up into different groups in different rooms; I was on stage with Brandon. First was the ‘Cave People’ scene (of page 4) then the ‘Witches’ scene, starting on pages 10, 11 and 12. We then ate lunch.

In the afternoon, we again split into different places; I was again on stage with Brandon and we rehearsed the ‘World War’ scene, from pages 14 to 18. I was one of the soldiers in this. We finished with the Different Threads song again, like before in a rows or lines.

At the end of the day I did rehearse my lines as the comedian Matt Erial; my idea for his name (as all his jokes are sewing-based) – everyone liked it. I won’t tell you any of jokes, as (i) some of you may come to the see the show, and (ii) most of them are very bad or corny.  

Andy M.