Play in a Week – day 3

Play in a Week – day 3

Dear All 
Here is a review of day 3 of PIAW (Play in a Week) at the Nomad Theatre East Horsley. 

Day 3 (Wednesday)  
Today as usual we started with a warm up with Andrea and Brandon, then sang the Different Threads song in our rows; next, the ‘Witches’ scene (page 10-12). Then a break.

I then read through my routine as Matt Erial, with volunteer Sarah Corthron (who met my mum at the Hampton Court Flower Show, and said she was interested in drama).

I then went back into the main room, and we rehearsed the ‘Witches’ scene, during which we sang the song Voodoo Who Do. Then was lunch.

In the afternoon we did the ‘Sewing Machine’ scene (on page 22), then a quick break, then more of the ‘Sewing Machine’ scene (from page 19-22).

We finished with a cool down with Andrea and Brandon.  

Day 4 to follow sometime tomorrow.

Andy M.