Play In A Week – Day 4

Play In A Week – Day 4

Dear All 

Here is a review of Day 4 of PIAW (Play in a Week) at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.  

We started with a warm up with Andrea and Brandon, and I then rehearsed my routine as Matt Erial with Sarah C, while two cast members watched. Next, I watched the ‘Cave People’ scene (page 4) followed by a break time. Then we worked on the ‘Witches’ scene (pages 10-12), the ‘Soldiers’ scene (pages 14-19), which I am in, the ‘making a strawberry pin cushion’ scene (pages 13-14), and the ‘Egyptian’ scene (pages 7-8).  Then it was lunch time. 

In the afternoon I watched the ‘Fashion Parade’ scene (page 9), and then we worked on the Different Threads song which opens and closes the show.  We finished with a cool down with Andrea.  

Day 5 to follow sometime tomorrow

Andy M.