Play In a Week – weekend performances

Play In a Week – weekend performances

Dear All 

Here a review of both Saturday and Sunday’s Play in a Week performances.


Had lunch at the Nomad Theatre. Then a warm up with Andrea and Brandon,  followed by a technical run through of the play Sew What

Supper was followed by the first performance of Sew What? I think it went well; among the audience were Anthony with David and his wife Christine, plus my Mum and Dad, and they all enjoyed it – as did I. 


This was a matinee performance.  We started with a warm up again with Andrea and Brandon. Next Rachel Barnett – the author of the play – thanked all of the cast for performing it.  We then sang Different Threads and then began the second performance of Sew What? It went well; in the audience this time was Anna’s mum – I think she liked it.     

In conclusion I think the week was both enjoyable and tiring!  

Andy M.