Back at work after a great summer break!

Back at work after a great summer break!

Dear All 

In drama today, the visitors were Mark (comedian) and Bill Pearson (from Nomads) to talk about Freewheelers’ fundraising. Those not there were Rachel Mold, Zena, Ems, Luke T, Nick and Anthony. 
We started with Brandon welcoming us back after the summer break, and saying that Mark was here for Terri’s MC routine and Stephen and my ventriloquist act.

Then Dan said he went on a cruise, and saw some Russian dancers, which he enjoyed. Soufyan asked when we are performing Cold and Wet, as he will be busy in February? Brandon said it will not be that early, but was not sure when it will be. Richard went to a show during the holidays and enjoyed it. Jamie went to a Take That concert; he did not like it that much. Sue read Oliver Twist all the way through; she said it took a while to do so, but she liked it.   Brandon saw a show with his young son Sebastian over the break called Elephantom; they both liked it.

There will be a film evening at Dorking Halls on 22nd October, where the film premiere of my play Upright and Grovling will feature, along with other items. Bill mentioned a Freewheelers fundraising event which will be launching on the 7th November at St John’s School, Leatherhead. I think Stephen and I then rehearsed our ventriloquist act from Cold and Wet; this took till lunch.

In the afternoon we started with Brandon showing us all one of the scenes for Elephantom, with help from some Freewheeler members. Next, we watched Terri and Jamie’s MC routine from Cold and Wet (Jamie stepped in for Ems for this). Finally, Stephen and I showed our ventriloquist act from Cold and Wet.

Sorry if I did not mention everything we did. 

Andy M.