Freewheelers share their news and get on with rehearsals

Freewheelers share their news and get on with rehearsals

Dear All 

today in drama the visitors were Lydia (possible new member), Sue Freeman (Surrey Youth Focus) and Brett. Those not there were Zena, Rachel, Nick and Anthony. 

We started with Brandon welcoming Lydia, then Brandon said we will be rehearsing Cold and Wet later today, ready for the performance at the end of March. Brandon told us he saw Tony Bennett at the Festival Hall in London and enjoyed it, and he went to a ‘Mini Maker’ exhibition in Brighton last week and said it was fun.

Luke T was in the show Jesus Christ Superstar at the Nomad Theatre last week, as a Disciple, and he showed us the programme. He will be in their next production, Whistle Down The Wind; the screenplay was written by Will Hall, who knows my mother.

Terri is having a exhibition in Camberley next week. Mathew James is in a concert with his Male Voice Choir next week, also in Camberley.

We then had a warm up with Andrea and Brandon, followed by Cold and Wet rehearsals, from the beginning to page 11. Next was lunch time.

In the afternoon we continued with Cold and Wet rehearsals, from page 11 to 21; more next week. In conclusion, I think it went really well this week and I hope the rest will agree.

By Andy M.