It’s still Cold and Wet at The Bridge!

It’s still Cold and Wet at The Bridge!

Dear all

here is the review of today’s drama session. I have mislaid some of my notes, and we have done loads, so I may not mention everything.

The visitors were Mark (helper for Ems, and possible new volunteer) and Tony (possible new volunteer). Those not there were Zena, Rachel Mold, Soufyan, Dan, Sonas and Sam.

We started with Brandon saying that Mark Curtis (comedian) had phoned him to say that Stephen and I must rehearse our ventriloquist scene from Cold and Wet later today, and throughout the week.

Richard then said he wants to rehearse his dance scene from Cold and Wet when Zena returns; Mark also said that Terri and Ems are doing well with their MC routine (also from Cold and Wet).

Next Brandon said that Terri and Luke T are performing at the Ian Goodchild Centre in Camberley at the opening of the new Hub in Camberley this Thursday. Richard saw some Irish dancing with Michel Flatley last week and enjoyed it.

Brandon went to a day on sensory awareness and its problems at a hotel in Lambeth, by a lady called Sarah. The senses are taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. We said it would be good to tell a story for people who don’t have one or more of these.

Brandon also went to the Imperial War Museum afterwards for research for Cold and Wet. We said it would be a good idea to go there as a group sometime. Next, a warm up with Andrea and Brandon, including marching practice and games.

Then we rehearsed the ‘Trenches’ scene from Cold and Wet, followed by the next scene. We then had lunch.

In the afternoon we continued with Cold and Wet rehearsals; Luke T sang Dear Johnny – I was in this scene. Next we watched some new music by Tom and animation by Rachel Mold for Steep Rain; it was very good. Lastly, Susan took Stephen and I away to read through our ventriloquist routine from Cold and Wet, whilst Brandon worked with the rest of the group. Stephen and I will continue with the ventriloquist rehearsals during the week. 

In conclusion I think today was tiring but enjoyable, and I hope the rest will think the same.

Andy M.