Cold and Wet rehearsals

Cold and Wet rehearsals

Dear All 

Today in drama we had no visitors and the one not there was Ems.
We started with Sam and Sonas: they enjoyed their holiday to Great Yarmouth last week. Then Soufyan said he had a great time on his activity holiday in Exmoor, and Richard went to the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth for his holiday and loved it.

Next, Richard said his new dance routine is really going well. Viv brought in some leaflets for the Freewheelers Film Night at Dorking Halls on October 22nd. Viv also mentioned an opera on the theme of the Magna Carta – rehearsals start at the Orpheus Centre, Godstone, on October 14th, and the performance at the Albert Hall, London, in March. Viv asked who was interested and several members said ‘yes’.

Brandon then mentioned a show he saw about disability awareness I think was called Boxed In; a lady who runs the theatre group who put it on said that they do some of things the Freewheelers do – so Brandon invited her to visit us sometime.

Terri and others talked about last Thursday when they performed at the opening of the new Hub Centre in Camberley. They all said it went well.  

Mathew James told us the Male Voice Choir are performing in Farnborough this Friday if anyone wanted to go. Brandon told us we will rehearse Cold and Wet later today. Next, a warm up with Andrea and Brandon, then Cold and Wet rehearsals from the start to page 9, followed by lunch time. 

In the afternoon we split up: Susan worked with Stephen and me on our ventriloquist scene from Cold and Wet. Andrea was with Zena and Richard for their dance called Tomorrow (also from Cold and Wet), and Brandon was with the others rehearsing the rest of the same play. We finished by meeting back together to continue more Cold and Wet rehearsals from page 9-15. I think today was enjoyable and I hope the others agree.

Andy M