Drama continues at The Bridge…

Drama continues at The Bridge…

Dear All 

Today in drama we had no visitors and the only one not there was Ems. We started in the morning with Richard telling us all how the performance at the Leatherhead Swan Centre went last weekend. Those performing were Zena and Richard (together); Sonas and Anthony O’Sullivan (together); and Terri and Luke T on their own. It was all a great success.

Brandon told us that a lady called Jenny Horton will be taking over Viv’s role in Freewheelers in the future. Brandon also reminded us of the Freewheelers Film Night at Dorking Halls on October 22nd. He then talked more on this topic.

Viv wanted to know final names for the trip to the opera about the Magna Carta. Zena said she passed her Duke of Edinburgh award, and will go to Buckingham Palace later in the year. Mathew James’ male voice choir concert went well in Farnborough last week. Mathew also saw a concert by a group called Apollo 5, and loved it. 

I think we then read through my play, Upright and Grovling’s Christmas Special, and asked the group what they thought, and for their ideas. They all liked it and put forward some good ideas which I will look at.

Next a warm up with Andrea and Brandon. Then we rehearsed Cold and Wet from page 15 (with soldiers, including myself) to page 17 followed by lunch.  

In the afternoon we continued with Cold and Wet from page 18. Susan worked with Stephen and me on our ventriloquist scene during this. We then got back together, read to page 23, and finished off with some cool down games.    

In conclusion I think today went well and I think the rest will agree.

By Andy M