Happy 30th Birthday, Jamie!

Happy 30th Birthday, Jamie!

Dear All 

Today in drama the visitors were Ashley (possible new Freewheeler), and Tory, a lady who came to ask various members about their future with the Freewheelers; she did not come till the afternoon. Those not there were Viv, Ems and Anthony O’Sullivan. 

We started with Chris Crane saying he went to see an opera over the weekend and enjoyed it. Then Richard told us he is writing a new soap opera that we will all be in. Next, Zena said she went to see the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Nomad Theatre over the weekend and thought it was very good.

Jamie was 30 today and wore a badge to prove it! Mathew James’ Male Voice Choir had a concert in Farnham last week; he said it went well. We then had a warm up with Andrea and Brandon.

Next Susan took Stephen and me away to rehearse the ventriloquist scene from Cold and Wet, whilst Brandon did the office scene from the same play with the rest of the cast. Followed by lunch time – during this we sang Jamie Happy Birthday and gave out some chocolate cake.

I forgot to say that Brandon met Emily from Trestle on changes to Cold and Wet. We will have Sarah, Johnny and George in a scene at the beginning of the play involving a ring; this will be filmed sometime soon and might involve Brandon’s son Sebastian and his friends. I will not say any more in case some of you come and watch it! 

In the afternoon there were some more rehearsals for Cold and Wet. I went off with Tory to talk about my future Freewheeler plans. Then we rehearsed Cold and Wet from the start up to the marching on scene. We finished with a cool down taken by Andrea and Brandon.

In conclusion I really enjoyed today and I hope everyone else did too.

From Andy M.