Still Cold and Wet, but slightly different

Still Cold and Wet, but slightly different

Dear All

Today in drama we had no visitors and the only one not there was Ems.  

We started in the morning with Brandon telling us his son Josh is in Treasure Island at the National Theatre, London, starting December; he is playing Ben Gun. We said we will try and go and watch it. 

Then Brandon said that there is new scene in Cold and Wet with a Fortune Teller called Madam ZaZa. He then did a trick with a hair dryer and different sized balls, where the balls can stay up and when the hairdryer is turned off they fall on the ground. Next, Brandon told us more of the new script sent to us by Peter (volunteer) last week. Then Soufyan asked about next week’s Freewheelers Film Night on October 22nd at Dorking Halls.

Next was a warm up taken by Andrea. Then we rehearsed Cold and Wet from the beginning to page 24, followed by lunch. During the break everyone sang me Happy Birthday (for this Wednesday, October 15th).

In the afternoon we continued Cold and Wet rehearsals from page 25 to 34. We then voted whether to have Ashley as a new member of Freewheelers; I think we voted ‘yes’. 

I think the last item was that the script will be changed again and we will get the new version next Monday.

In conclusion I think the session went well this week and I hope rest think so too.  

By Andy M.