Rehearsing and getting ready for Film Night

Rehearsing and getting ready for Film Night

Dear All 

Here a review of today’s drama session. We had no visitors and those not there were Andrea, Ems and Dan.  

We started with Brandon asking us to be there to start at 10am. Then Luke T said he went to a Young Peoples’ Day at Leatherhead Leisure Centre last week and sang two songs; he enjoyed it. Richard is still writing the soap opera involving Freewheelers in the cast, based on a scene from Coronation Street. He also went to a show in Hove last week and liked it. 

Next Luke T’s mum Liz told us the Epsom PHAB club are doing a play called We Predict A Riot at Epsom Playhouse on Saturday December 7th.

Mathew James and Jamie went to the Orpheus Centre in Godstone for the Magna Carta opera rehearsals. Jamie also went to Camden last week – it was not very disabled friendly. Then Brandon gave us all a letter that will be in Cold and Wet, draft 9, when Peter (volunteer) sends it to us later in the week. 

Brandon told us we will rehearse some of Cold and Wet later today. Then a warm up with Brandon. Next, we rehearsed Cold and Wet from the start to page 18. Next, Brandon reminded us of the Freewheelers Film Night this Wednesday October 22nd at Dorking Halls, followed by lunch time. During the break, Susan went through Stephen and my ventriloquist scene from Cold and Wet, and asked us to rehearse it during the week. We said we will do our best to do so. 

In the afternoon more rehearsing of Cold and Wet (pages 19 to the end) – more next week. We finished by Brandon showing us all some World War One recruitment posters. 

I think today was both enjoyable and tiring, and I hope everybody else would agree. 

Andy M.