A very enjoyable film night!

A very enjoyable film night!

Dear All

here is a review of our Film Night on Wednesday October 22nd at Dorking Halls. 

The films were a new version of Steep Rain, involving all the group. Also Upright and Grovling, written by myself; cast members included Dan as Lord Upright, Stephen as Grovling, Terri as Davinia Upiington, and Sam as Smithering, the maid of Davinia, and others. 

Then we had the interval, followed by Breaking Bonnie, a fictional police drama with several group members.

It was a great success and there was a big audience, including parents like my mum and dad and others, loads of Freewheelers like Sam, Anna, Sonas, Stephen, both Luke H and T, Terri, Zena, Soufyan, and of course myself.   

Andy M