Freewheelers query possible condescension

Freewheelers query possible condescension

Dear All

here is a review of today’s drama. We did loads this week, so I may not mention everything but will try and include most items.

The visitor was Jenny (Freewheelers’ Manager). Those not there were Chris Crane and Nick.   

We started with Brandon telling us all about Jenny taking over Viv’s role in the group. Then Richard said he will not be in tomorrow, Tuesday. Next, Mathew James told us he saw a show last week and enjoyed it. Jamie also watched a play with a disabled actress in (from Eastenders); she played a role which was not her actual disability and asked what the group thought about it. Some did not mind, some did.

Brandon then talked about last week’s Film Night at Dorking Halls; most liked it although some thought Breaking Bonnie was rather long and complicated. Liz (Luke T’s mum) said funding people want to know how drama helps people’s lives before giving out money.

Terri told us that a man at a meeting she went to last week said all disabled people should be more assertive. She thought that was very condescending, and wrote a poem to prove it. We all agreed and said we will act out a film of the lines to this poem, and send it back to the man concerned. 

Brandon then said that on December 15th, the last session before Christmas, we will go out after the session to a local restaurant, and then come back to the Youth Club and watch the Youth Group’s Christmas Production.

Then was a warm up with Andrea. Brandon told us there will be a fire practice routine sometime in the next few weeks – perhaps next week – and told us what to do, and not to panic when it happens. Next Cold and Wet rehearsals from the beginning to the office scene, followed by lunch.

In the afternoon more rehearsals of Cold and Wet. Susan took Stephen and me away to read the ventriloquist scene; she said we did quite well, but asked us to rehearse during the week – we said we will do our best. Brandon then said we will need to invite some of Workshop people back soon, like Tom (musician), Mark (comedian), and Andy (fight workshop). Brandon also said he was not sure of the exact date of performing Cold and Wet, but it will probably be some time in March at Leatherhead Theatre.    

In conclusion, I think it went well today, and I think the rest would agree? 

Andy M.