Singing and signing our songs!

Singing and signing our songs!

Dear All

In drama today the visitors were Tom (musician) and several people including Liz from Nomads who came in to help with costumes (I assisted in bringing them into the Youth Centre); and also Gary, who normally helps with camera work on Tuesday, but came in today to help out as it will be a busy day. Those not there were Viv and Susan. 

We started with Brandon saying we will be busy today with recording of scenes, and trying on of costumes; we all understood. Brandon then asked who had been to Theatre events recently. Richard mentioned that he saw the show Forbidden Planet in Brighton last week and enjoyed it. Luke Tye said The Nomads’ production of Whistle Down the Wind at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley (in which he has a starring role) is going well so far; he passed round the programme.

The people who went to see the live screening of Treasure Island (from The National Theatre in London) said it went well, with Joshua James (Brandon’s son) as Benn Gunn; it was shown at Leatherhead Theatre and went well despite technical difficulties. 

Terri showed us a picture she painted of Ems; we all liked it. I showed everyone the pictures my mother sent me from my Grandma Rose’s 100th Birthday on January 22nd – everyone liked them – I was pleased.

Brandon mentioned that one of the opening scenes from Cold and Wet will be filmed at Peacehaven in Sussex, and a drone will be used in this. We then signed the song Back to You, composed by Tom. Next, we practiced coming into the correct positions as this is the last song of the show, followed by lunch time. 

In the afternoon we started by signing the song, Back to You, with sign language, helped by Marion and Andrea. I then went into a another room to be recorded for the ventriloquist scene with Stephen – followed by singing several songs from the show. Brandon and Tom helped out and Gary filmed it. We also had to be quiet in the recording of scenes we were not involved in – most people did this.

After singing the songs in a different room I tried on a possible costume for Cold and Wet; Pip helped with this. It is a bit big for me, but Pip said that was good as it suited my character in the play – I agreed.

Finally we sang the song Back to You with signing and coming into it in the correct places. Marion, Andrea and Brandon all said it went well and that we are progressing nicely – we were all happy with this.  

In conclusion, I think today’s session was tiring but enjoyable and I hope the rest of the group think so too.