Focussing on rehearsals at The Bridge

Focussing on rehearsals at The Bridge

Dear all

in drama today we had no visitors and those not there were Andrea, Catherine, James and Anthony O’Sullivan. 

We started with Brandon saying we will be performing Cold and Wet in seven weeks’ time. Jamie said he will not be there on February 16th, when we try on costumes for Cold and Wet. Brandon and Richard both said the filming of one of the scenes from Cold and Wet at Peacehaven in Sussex went well, despite weather and other problems. 

Soufyan said he saw Luke Tye in The Nomad Theatre’s production of Whistle Down The Wind and thought it went really well from an audience point of view. Zena saw it too and liked it, and Luke said he enjoyed acting in it.

Mathew James said the rehearsals for Magna Carta Opera at the Royal Albert Hall in London are going well. Zena is getting her Duke of Edinburgh Award in London on Wednesday and was excited about it.

I brought in a framed picture of the letter sent to my Grandma Rose on January 22nd (when she was 100); everybody liked it – I was pleased. 

I think we then rehearsed various communal songs and scenes from Cold and Wet. First off, page 5, the scene when we coming on saying ‘I’m cold and wet’; or ‘It’s cold and wet’; then on page 17, the ‘Marching On’ song, followed by (on pages 25-26) the ‘Memories’ song; during this Brandon took Stephen and me away to go through our ‘ventriloquist’ scene (on pages 9-13), followed by lunch.

During the break some members rehearsed some scenes – including myself – I did the ventriloquist scene again, as I got it wrong with Brandon and Stephen. (If I did this on the night it would throw Stephen – I understood).  

In the afternoon we rehearsed Cold and Wet from start to finish – minus the MCs (Terri and Ems), as Brandon was with them to do their scenes.  I think it went well, as did the rest of the day, and I hope the rest think so too. 

Andy M.