Focussing on our new play

Focussing on our new play

Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama email. I may not mention all the items, as we did loads. The visitor was Gary (camera person); those not there were Viv and Andrea.

We started with Brandon saying the performance of Cold and Wet is coming up soon, so we need to get rehearsing – we all agreed. He said that next week we are seeing our new Freewheelers stage manager, Clarice, who is replacing Sarah (as I think she is now too busy on other projects). Then Brandon said we will watch the Cold and Wet scene from Peacehaven in Sussex later today. 

Next Brandon and Chris Crane showed off a new computer programme to help with Cold and Wet and other items. Then Pip said the costume trying on day, originally booked for next week (February 16th) is now on March 2nd instead; we all understood. 

Zena told us she is getting her Duke of Edinburgh Award on Wednesday in London; she was excited about it, as were the rest of us!

Next, Soufyan asked about ticket details for the performance of Cold and Wet: March 29th, one in the afternoon and other in the evening at St. John’s School, Leatherhead, with rehearsals on the 27th and 28th March (Mathew James asked as well).

Then a full rehearsal of Cold and Wet from beginning to the end; Brandon said it went quite well. We then had lunch. 

In the afternoon we watched the Cold and Wet scene from Peacehaven in Sussex – we thought it was very good. I forgot to say that that scene was shown during the rehearsals, as well as some other new filmed scenes. I liked them all and I think the rest did too. 

Next we were asked by Brandon if we knew the story line of Cold and Wet: most of us did know some items of it. We finished with singing the last song of the show, Back To You, I think on page 52.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest agree. 

Andy M.