More Cold and Wet polishing!

More Cold and Wet polishing!

Dear All

In drama today the visitors were Clarice (new stage manager), and various people who came to see Viv in the afternoon on funding. Those not there were Terri and Ems. 

We started with Brandon saying we only have five weeks till we perform Cold and Wet at St John’s School, Leatherhead; we need to get rehearsing. We all agreed.

Richard saw Cats the musical (I think in Brighton) and liked it. Richard is also seeing singer Richard Bruce in Brighton later this week, in a show called Rollercoaster(?), and Mathew James is watching another singer called Jake (something!).

Brandon also said we will be meeting Clarice, our new stage manager, later today, and then said that when we rehearse Cold and Wet there will be some new parts to the final scene. Pip told us we will be trying on the soldier costumes later on. Then, rehearsing of Cold and Wet, from the start to page 33. Brandon read through the MCs scene, because Terri and Ems were away – we hope they’ll be back next week. Next was lunch. 

In the afternoon we continued Cold and Wet rehearsals from page 33 to the end of page 47. Finally we had more rehearsals of pages 43 – 47, and they included the new parts Brandon mentioned earlier, and coming in for the final song, Back to You. We did this several times to try and get it right. Brandon thought we were progressing well, but still needed to rehearse our lines to ‘keep up the good work’ – we all thought so too. 

In conclusion I thought today went well and I think the rest would agree. 

Andy M.