Keeping on Cold and Wet

Keeping on Cold and Wet

Dear All

here is a review of today’s drama. We did lots of items today so I may not mention all of them but try and include most of them. We had no visitors and everybody was there.  

We started in the morning with Brandon asking who had been, or is going, to any theatre events. I started with saying I saw The Play That Goes Wrong, at the Duchess Theatre in Covent Garden, with my mother on Saturday; I said it was very funny and we both enjoyed it. Dan saw the band Queen (with Adam Lambert as Freddie Mercury) last week – I don’t know where he saw them, but he did enjoy it. Soufyan watched the X Factor Tour in Bournemouth last week and liked it. Richard watched a Michael Jackson tribute  person in Brighton; he thought he was good and is also going to the X Factor Tour (but in Brighton).

Brandon mentioned that Eddy Raymond won an Oscar for his role as Stephen Hawking, in the film The Theory of Everything, and wondered what we all thought of able-bodied actors playing disabled people. Most thought if they did their research correctly, and did the role to the best of their abilities, it was alright. Brandon was not so sure. 

Brandon then showed us all a puppet for Stephen’s role in the ventriloquist’s scene in Cold and Wet. Stephen and I, and others, then put on our costumes for Cold and Wet rehearsals. We then rehearsed Cold and Wet from the beginning to the end, followed by lunch time – during which Sonas and Sam showed off the picture of themselves taken at Hemmet a couple of weeks ago.  

In the afternoon, more rehearsing of Cold and Wet; first, the final scene on the cliff (from page 43 to the end), and second, from the ‘Memories’ song (page 22 again till the end). Brandon said we are doing well but need to continue with looking through our lines; we all said we will do our best.

We finished with volunteer Pip saying that some members of the group may need to stay behind after the main session for a while, to try on costumes. We will get letters later in the week to say who. 

In conclusion, I think today was tiring but enjoyable and I hope the rest would agree.  

Andy M.