Rehearsing hard at The Bridge

Rehearsing hard at The Bridge

Dear All 

In drama today the visitors were Diane (audio describer for Cold and Wet), and Tom, who came later, and will be in charge of lighting for Cold and Wet); and everybody was there this week. 

We started with Brandon reminding us we will be trying on costumes for Cold and Wet today between 3.30 and 4pm, so we will be staying on later for this. Then Brandon said that with three weeks till the performance of Cold and Wet at St John’s School, Leatherhead, we need to get rehearsing! We all understood and agreed. 

Next, we welcomed Diane to the group. Brandon said we need to start getting to drama between 9.30 and 10am (to start at 10am) as we are running out of rehearsal time. We then rehearsed Cold and Wet from start to finish; Brandon said we did quite well. Next was lunch. 

In the afternoon Viv took Stephen and me away for ventriloquist scene rehearsals; Brandon worked with the rest of the group. We then got back together to rehearse some group scenes several times, including the opening Cold and Wet scene, the March Along and Memories songs, and finished with the final scene – going into the Back to You song again several times to get it right. Finally we tried on the Cold and Wet costumes.  

In conclusion I think today was both tiring and enjoyable and I think the rest would think so too.

By Andy M.