Always together with the Freewheelers!

Always together with the Freewheelers!

Dear all 

Here is a review of today’s drama.  As we did loads of stuff I may not include all of them but try and mention most of them.  The visitor was Kate Powell (possible new volunteer) and those not there was Soufyan. 
We started with Brandon thanking us for coming early for Cold and Wet rehearsals. Then Brandon said we will be having two full rehearsals of Cold and Wet today; in the morning and the second during the afternoon. 

Next Rachel and Brandon showed off a coat of arms with the words: UNA  SIMUL  SEMPER. It’s Latin for ‘Together Always Together’. 

Andrea then said we need to get everything correct, as performance time is coming up – we all agreed.  Pip mentioned her daughter is getting married soon, and she likes the groom; we were all pleased for her. Then a full rehearsal of Cold and Wet, from the beginning to the end, doing several scenes more than once to get them correct.  Followed by lunch time. 

In the afternoon, another full rehearsal of Cold and Wet again, from beginning to the end, all the way through this time.  We finished with the final scene again (including the bows) led by Luke T.  

In conclusion I think today’s session was both tiring and enjoyable, and I think the rest would agree. 

Andy M.