We are nearly as Cold and Wet as we’ll ever be!

We are nearly as Cold and Wet as we’ll ever be!

Dear All 

In drama today we had no visitors and those not there were Soufyan, Ems, Catherine and James.

We started in the morning with Brandon saying he went to Spain last week and liked it. Then Brandon said we will be having two full rehearsals of Cold and Wet today; one in the morning, with everyone in their costumes, and another in the afternoon (with only some of the cast in costumes). 

Liz (mum of Luke Tye) reminded us we will be going to St John’s School, Leatherhead, next Friday (March 27th and Saturday 28th) for both rehearsals and performance of Cold and Wet (both starting in the morning and finishing in the evening).

Brandon took some cast members away to record some words for Cold and Wet; they were Richard, Mathew, Luke H and Dan. We then all got changed into the costumes. Next, we rehearsed Cold and Wet from start to finish; it went quite well. Then was lunch. 

In the afternoon, we did more Cold and Wet rehearsing: from the scene where we come on doing movements or actions to being Cold and Wet, to the end. Brandon said we did well. We then got changed back into our usual clothes. 

I think today was both tiring and enjoyable and I think the rest would think so too. 

By Andy M.