Dress rehearsals at The Bridge

Dress rehearsals at The Bridge

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s drama. As we did a lot I may not include everything but I will try and mention most of what we did do.

We had no visitors and the only one not there was Stephen. We started with getting changed into our Cold and Wet costumes. Then Brandon told us that a fundraising event at St John’s School went well. The people who went made lots of friends and got loads of support. Sonas and Anthony did their Trust dance and Mathew James won some tickets for a Sports Stadium Tour.  

Next, a full rehearsal of Cold and Wet from the beginning to the end. Brandon said it went quite well, despite technical, costume and other problems. Then we got back into our normal clothes. Next was lunch time. 

In the afternoon, we rehearsed various songs and scenes: first the ‘Cold and Wet’ scene, then the March Along song. Next, the ‘Magician and Clown’ scene with Soufyan and Anna, followed by the ‘Fight’ scene with Luke H and Jamie. Then the Dear Johnny song and finally the final scene going into the Back to You song. 

Finally Brandon reminded us of arrangements: Friday and Saturday of this week at St John’s School, Leatherhead for rehearsals and performances of Cold and Wet.  

In conclusion I think today was both tiring and enjoyable and I hope the rest would agree.

By Andy M.