Cold and Wet cast bask in warm glow of success

Cold and Wet cast bask in warm glow of success

Dear All 

In drama today we had no visitors and those not there were Terri and Ashley.

We started with Brandon thanking us for the performances of Saturday afternoon and evening at St John’s School, Leatherhead; he said they went well. We were all pleased. 

Brandon also thanked all the volunteers who helped out; we all thanked them too. Next we watched the film of the play, Cold and Wet. Brandon thought it went quite well despite some problems; we all agreed. Then Jenni read through the feedback forms from Cold and Wet. Most people liked it, but some were confused with the murder scene.

Brandon had the idea of touring Cold and Wet in the future; we  thought that would be a good idea. Brandon also suggested we involve the audio describers more in productions; we said that was a good idea. 

Jenni then mentioned a phone app to help with learning scripts for plays. Richard wondered if the cast from Cold and Wet could say what they thought of the play, both as their characters and as themselves. We all said we would do that later today. I think we then had lunch.

In the afternoon we had to say what we thought of Cold and Wet as our characters – this was great fun. After that, Jenni asked us questions on Cold and Wet as ourselves – we answered them by raising or lowering our arms. 

We finished by Brandon mentioning what we will do after the Easter break, in a two weeks time. At the end of the session today, Jamie’s dad came in with Jamie’s new helping dog.

I think today went really well and I think the rest would think so too.  

Andy M.