Freewheelers back in the groove after Easter

Freewheelers back in the groove after Easter

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s drama session. We did loads of items today, so I may not remember all of them, but I will try and say most of what we did do.

We started in the morning with Brandon welcoming us back after Easter break. I think we then talked about Cold and Wet, and that a lady who knows Richard, called Julia Roberts (not the famous actress), wants us to perform it at Eastbourne College sometime. We may need to change it for future performances to make some aspects of the story clearer.

Richard then mentioned two items: first he thanked all the volunteers for their help with Cold and Wet. He also said he had some PS2 games for sale if anyone wanted them.

Liz, Luke Tye’s mum, then said that Jenni has some questions for us to answer as a group. They included, ‘Would we like any more drama (or other) workshops in the future, and what venues would we like them to be in?’, plus other questions.

Brandon mentioned there is a new Open Air Theatre in Brighton, called the Boat. I said the Rose Theatre, Kingston, also the Hawth Theatre in Crawley, plus more.

Jamie and others said that rehearsals for the Magna Carta Opera are going well. I think we then had lunch. 

In the afternoon, we watched some slides of Cold and Wet, taken by a lady named Ava, and lastly we read through a new play by Terri called Keep Trying. We did it in a variety of different ways.  We hope to perform it at the end of May at a venue to be confirmed. Brandon then said we will continue to perform it next week so could we wear something smart if possible? 

In conclusion I think today went well and I think the rest would agree! 

Andy M.