Freewheelers keep on planning

Freewheelers keep on planning

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s drama session. We did lots, so I may not mention everything, but will try and mention most items.

The visitors were Pam (DBS, formerly ‘CRB’, lady)  and Peter Hart, Bill Pearson’s son-in-law, who came to talk to some members about a presentation on the Freewheelers.

Brandon then said we will watch a film later – filmed by Chris Crane for Steep Rain. We also talked about Terri’s poem that we performed last week called Keep On Trying.

Pam (the DBS lady) had each of us visiting her one at a time with the relevant forms. 

Brandon also mentioned that some members of the group will have to go in next week (Bank Holiday Monday) to rehearse the show he mentioned last week, with robots as the main characters. Stephen from Hemmet is one of them, and also the Youth Group are performing The Seven Ages of Man, by William Shakespeare, as part of The Leatherhead Drama Festival (in which Michael Caine presents awards to the winners). Brandon asked who would like to go; several members said ‘yes’.

We then talked about Cold and Wet, and said in future we will tour it – including to Eastbourne College and places; perhaps finishing off the Lyric Theatre in London. Some changes will have to made.

We then read through audience feedback from when we performed it at St John’s School, Leatherhead; we did this till lunch. 

In the afternoon we continued to read through the Cold and Wet feedback. Most people liked it although some could not understand some scenes.

In conclusion I thought today went well and I think the rest would think so too. 

Andy M.