Theatre events and Cold and Wet again

Theatre events and Cold and Wet again

Dear All 

Here is the drama blog for this week; we did loads of items so I may not mention everything but will try and write on most of them. 

We had no visitors and those not there were Terri and Luke Tye.   

We started with Brandon and Nick talking about the Pitch It Day at Brighton, where various drama groups talk about shows they hope to tell the rest of group about. We did Cold and Wet.  All went well apart from Nick being at the wrong hotel – he went to the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, instead of the one in Brighton! They did meet up in the end.

Soufyan saw a show a few weeks ago in Brighton called Acrobats. Brandon saw the same show on the same day, and both liked it. Brandon and Jamie then mentioned that on Wednesday some of the group are performing the Magna Carta Opera at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Queen will be attending this event, as will the other groups who are performing.  

Richard saw a Drumming Workshop in Brighton and enjoyed it. Zena saw a Mencap event (I do not know where but she said it was good). I forgot to say that Brandon saw a show in Brighton called A Trip To Biscuit Land, written by lady with Tourette’s Syndrome. He said it was really good and told us it is touring and will be at The National Theatre on the South Bank sometime, and advised us to go and watch it when it is.  

We then talked about Cold and Wet and changing scenes to make them more understandable to our audience; we then rehearsed with some changes. Then was lunch.  

In the afternoon we continued rehearsing Cold and Wet with the changes. We had to do some of scenes several times to get them right. We did not do all of them; we will continue with this during the next few weeks.   

In conclusion I think today went well and I think the rest would agree.  

By Andy M.