Getting Cold and Wet all over again

Getting Cold and Wet all over again

Dear All 

Here is today’s drama email. We did loads of items, so I may not include all of them but will try and mention most of them.

The visitors were Ellie from the Arts Council and Eddie (photographer) and those not there were Viv, Catherine James, Mathew James, Luke T and Jamie.    

We started with Brandon telling us all that Mathew James, Luke Tye and Jamie are all at Runnymede today in the Magna Carta Opera show. Brandon then said that Eddie will be taking pictures later today for the group’s website. Andrea went to Florence and liked it. Brandon said that Richard Beer may be coming in later today with some equipment for drama.  

Zena went to Liverpool and saw some shows and other attractions and loved it. Richard went to London – I am not sure why and when? We then rehearsed Cold and Wet‘s opening scene several times to get it correct. Then we had lunch, during which Richard asked us to sign a Thank You card for thanking all the volunteers for helping out with the Cold and Wet production in March at St John’s School. Then we had lunch.  

In the afternoon we did more rehearsals of Cold and Wet from the beginning to the ventriloquist’s scene.  We finished off by watching two ventriloquists, called Paul Zennnon and Nina Conti, on film; they were both very funny indeed.    

In conclusion I  think today’s session went really well and I hope the rest will agree. 

Andy M.