King Arthur And The Quest For Camelot, by Rachel Barnett

King Arthur And The Quest For Camelot, by Rachel Barnett

Dear All  

Here is a review of day 4 of PIAW. We started in the morning with the normal warm up. Next we went into our groups. I had to be by myself to start with as Rachel Barnett (playwright) was busy with Mathew James as Merlin the Wizard, and all the volunteers were also busy – I did not mind.

Later on one of the volunteers was free to help us; they said we did really well trying to read our lines without scripts. Next was a drinks break after which  we continued our group work, followed by lunch. 

In the afternoon we briefly went into our groups; mine was with Brandon.   Then we got together to rehearse King Arthur And The Quest For Camelot, from page 11-16. Next was drinks break (2), after which we continued rehearsals from where we left off, to page 18.   

We finished with one of the volunteers saying we may attempt a dress rehearsal tomorrow, so if possible could we wear black clothing? We said we will do our best.   

Just to say one of the volunteers brought her dog in today – a Jack Russell called Halfpence. It was good to see him.  

Part 5 should follow sometime tomorrow.

by Andy M.