Pun opportunities dashed at play renaming!

Pun opportunities dashed at play renaming!

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s drama. We did a lot so I may not mention everything, but I will try and include most of what we did do.  

The visitors were Matthew, who came to help with sound for Cold and Wet; and people from The Queen Elizabeth Foundation, who came in the afternoon to watch the disability awareness play called Big Laboratory Bang. The one not there was Dan.  

We started with Brandon saying today will be busy as we will split up later on: Andrea will take some of the group to rehearse for a performance in Dorking on Saturday; Peter will be with the Big Laboratory Bang people, and Brandon, Susan and Viv will be with the rest. 

Andrea then took her group away. Jamie saw an opera over the weekend; he did not like it that much as the lady running it was not very friendly. Soufyan saw some old cars at Goodwood race course; Zena went to the same venue and watched horse racing; Mathew James watched The Last Night Of The Proms on television – he hopes to watch it live next year.  

Brandon said we may need to change the title of Cold and Wet for marketing purposes. He also said the Viv, Jenni and himself are interviewing for Gillian’s job in Freewheelers as she has moved to Yorkshire; they have two suitable candidates.

We then split up: Peter took the Big Laboratory Bang guys whilst Brandon, Susan and Viv was with the rest of us to work on a new title for Cold and Wet. I was with Viv and Susan’s group; Brandon worked with the others. We came up with three possible suggestions: Una Simul Semper (Together, Always Together); Ring of Destiny, and Ring of Time. We then voted and Ring of Time won – I think this will now be the title of the play. Then was lunch.

In the afternoon we watched a run-through of Big Laboratory Bang, then was break time. Next we watched Big Laboratory Bang again, this time with the audience from QEF. I think they liked it, as did the rest of us.

In conclusion I think today went well today and  hope the rest would agree.

Andy M.