Cold and Wet becomes Destiny Betrayed!

Cold and Wet becomes Destiny Betrayed!

Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama email. We did a lot so I may not mention everything, but I will try and mention most of what we did do. We had no visitors and everybody was there except for Ems, and Chris Crane, who is ill.   

We started with Brandon telling us that Chris Crane was ill and could we all sign a Get Well Card – we all agreed. Then Brandon told us that we have a suggestion for our current production (formerly Cold and Wet); it was Destiny Betrayed. We all liked it – I think this will now be the new title. Soufyan then asked when is the show touring? Brandon said possibly in the spring.

Jamie told us he may get his canine partner in April. Next Brandon said we have fifteen bookings for Big Laboratory Bang (QEF Disability Awareness Play) in schools in the South East so far – some before and some after Christmas.

Brandon then told us he went to Burgess Hill over the weekend and saw an art exhibition by disabled artists. He said it was really good. Jamie is seeing the play The Mousetrap in Dorking soon and is looking forward to it. Zena is on television next week sometime; she could not remember the program’s title or channel.

Then was a warm up with Andrea. Next, we split into groups to perform our audio description sketches that we started last week. I was with Luke H, Antony O’Sullivan, Peter (volunteer), and Brandon. Richard joined us this week. Our story was about an old man and a young youth in a park, and then a businessman sits next to the old man and the old man offers him a sandwich and they start talking. Later on the businessman puts a gun to the old man and steals his money and starts to run away with it. Then the old man and the youth take out guns of their own (as they are really undercover police officers). I was the audio describer for this; the rest said I did quite well – we then had lunch.  

In the break we all signed Chris Crane’s Get Well Card.  

In the afternoon I joined the group rehearsing Big Laboratory Bang ready for a performance at a school in West Horsley on Wednesday. I am not involved in this production as Nick is available to play Professor Alan for it. I may be in a future showing; Brandon said probably not till next spring. We then got back together to do more work on audio description with stories by Brandon, Luke Tye and Peter (volunteer). I liked them all.  

In conclusion I think today went well and hope the rest will think so too.

From Andy M.