Two plays are keeping The Freewheelers busy

Two plays are keeping The Freewheelers busy

Dear All 

Here is a review of today’s drama session.  As we did a lot I may not include all the items but I will try and mention most of them. We had no  visitors and the only one not there was Viv.  

We started with Brandon telling us that Emily, Andrea’s step-daughter, now has a job but still will be able to come to drama on Monday; we were pleased with this. Then Brandon and Mathew James said the performance of Big Laboratory Bang went well last Friday at a school in West Horsley.

Brandon then showed us some technology for Big Laboratory Bang. Chris Crane contacted Brandon saying he is getting better now; we were all pleased about this. Next, Brandon said he went to Eastbourne College and saw a lady called Julia Roberts (not the famous actress) about performing Destiny Betrayed (formerly Cold and Wet).

Brandon also mentioned he saw Di Langford (Audio Describer) about coming to Hemmet to talk about her job, but she is away in Australia for nine weeks. He also saw a playwright called Finely McCabe. We may tour Destiny Betrayed in March.

Zena told us she will be on television in a couple of weeks on BBC, in a programme called Employ Me; we will all look out for it. Brandon mentioned the Freewheelers Film Night in Dorking on October 14th. Jamie saw the play The Mousetrap, also in Dorking, last week. Anna then read out a poem – we all liked it – then was a warm up with Andrea.

Next we rehearsed Destiny Betrayed from the beginning to the Ventriloquist’s scene. We then ate lunch. During the break I got my own lunch from a nearby shop; Peter (volunteer) helped me with this. 

In the afternoon we continued with rehearsing Destiny Betrayed from where we left off to the Dear Johnny scene. More next week.   

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

From Andy M.