The Freewheelers hard at work

The Freewheelers hard at work

Dear All 

Here is the review of today’s drama session. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but will try and mention most items. We had no visitors and the only ones not there were Terri and Soufyan.  

We started with welcoming Chris Crane back as he had recently been ill; he said thanks and told us he is getting better – we were all pleased. Then Brandon mentioned Freewheelers events coming up: this week, first was a performance of Big Laboratory Bang at Ash, near Guildford, on Wednesday morning; and later in the evening of the same day a Freewheelers Film Night at Dorking Halls.

Zena then told us she was filmed for her television appearance on BBC 2(?) on a programme called Employ Me – she did not know the date yet. Brandon is seeing his son Josh in the Chichester Festival in a Chekhov play later this week.

Next, Richard and Luke Tye both read out their poems: Richard’s was called Who Am I? and Luke Tye’s was I Love. Both were good. We also heard Richard’s last poem, This Is Me, but as a rap – that was good as well.

Next, a warm up with Andrea followed by a rehearsal of Destiny Betrayed, from just before where we left off last week to the Dear Johnny scene at the end. Then was lunch. 

In the afternoon we split up: I went in the back room with Stephen,  Mathew James and Nick to rehearse Big Laboratory Bang with volunteer Peter, whilst Brandon and Andrea worked with the rest to rehearse the final scenes of Destiny Betrayed again. After Big Laboratory Bang rehearsals we joined the rest of Destiny Betrayed  rehearsals several times to get it right.

Then Andrea and Brandon said they went to the American Community School in Cobham, Surrey, as a possible venue for the Destiny Betrayed tour. We finished off with everyone singing myself and others Happy Birthday – it is mine on this Thursday, October 15th.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.

From Andy M.