Freewheelers rehearsing and drama games

Freewheelers rehearsing and drama games

Dear All 

Here is review of today’s drama. We did a lot, so I may not remember everything but will try. We had no visitors and those not there were Ems, Jamie and Brandon. 

We started with Andrea saying that she is in charge today as Brandon is away in Spain. Then Andrea told us that today we will do some rehearsing for Destiny Betrayed, as well as Big Laboratory Bang, some audio description work and drama games. Richard saw a Carole King tribute concert (I am not sure where), Soufyan saw Bob Dylan at The Albert Hall in London and liked it, as did Richard his event. Zena was filmed for her television appearance in a programme called Employ Me to be shown later this year on the BBC. Ashley went to the Orpheus Centre in Godstone and saw a Variety Show there; he liked it. Mathew James’ choir had a concert in Dorking – it went well despite technical problems.

Next a warm up with Andrea, then we rehearsed some scenes from Destiny Betrayed from the beginning to the additional scene, and then the final scene. Next was lunch.  

In the afternoon we did drama games with Andrea. Part way through we read a review of the first two performances of Big Laboratory Bang in local schools: both liked it. Nick also said it went well. Then more drama games.

We finished off by splitting up: I went in the back room with the people involved in Big Laboratory Bang; Andrea worked with the rest at audio description.   

I think today went well and I hope the rest would think so too.
Andy M.