Experimenting with audio description

Experimenting with audio description

Dear All 

Here is this week’s drama email. As we did a lot I may not mention all the items but I will try and include most of what we did do.

We had no visitors and those not there were Ems, who was unwell, and Brandon, who was stuck in Spain after his holiday due to the fog in Britain.  

In the morning we started with the opening of new curtains of the group. Then Andrea asked what we had done recently. We mentioned the Hemmet Halloween Party. Zena said that the choir at The Grange in Bookham have a concert on December 12th – I am not sure of the venue yet.

Richard went on Worthing Pier over the weekend and in a church nearby and enjoyed them both. Richard is also joining the Thursday drama group as a volunteer. Dan saw the film Pan over the weekend and enjoyed it;   Susan watched the new James Bond film, Spectre, and quite liked it. Jamie went to a Warners Holiday Centre on Hailing Island last week (I think Sinah Warren?) and saw Michael Buble there – he liked it – and also Jack Stilgoe (son of Richard, who owns the Orpheus Centre in Godstone). Terry said she had written a song or poem for Destiny Betrayed

Next was a warm up with Andrea, followed by talking about a drama sketch of a play on audio description: we then split into groups to do a audio description story, based on famous children’s stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots and others. I was in Susan’s group and we did Three Little Pigs; I was the pig who built his house of straw. Anna, the audio describer for our group, described the story one way but we performed it in different way. Then some of groups performed their stories to the rest of the group. Then was lunch time.  

In the afternoon we continued with the audio description stories and the other groups performed their stories for the rest to watch. We finished with drama games with Andrea.  

In conclusion I think drama went well today and I hope the rest will agree.

From Andy M.