Rehearsing and mixed reviews for Spectre!

Rehearsing and mixed reviews for Spectre!

Dear All 

Here is today’s drama review. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but I will try and include most items that we did. 

Today the visitors were Donna Read from Employability and Lesley Spiers, Arts Officer at Mole Valley; and the only one not there was Ems. 

We started with welcoming Brandon back after his holiday in Spain: he was held up in Spain due to the fog in Britain, and BBC television in the Sussex area were talking about it. Then Richard and others talked about our audio description stories we told last week. I think Liz, Luke Tye’s mum, then talked about seeing the film over the weekend all about Emily Pankhurst – she said it was good to watch. 

Next a few members said they saw the new James Bond film, Spectre, recently; some like it, some did not. Zena mentioned she was filmed for the television programme she is in on BBC 2 next year, called Employ Me.  

Richard said he went to Thursday evening Dance Group as a volunteer last week for the first time; he said he enjoyed it. Then we had a warm up with Andrea.

Next was Destiny Betrayed rehearsals: from the start to the additional scene – then was lunch.

In the afternoon I went into the back room to help rehearse for the QEF Disability Awareness Play, Big Laboratory Bang, along with Stephen, Nick and Mathew James. We were helped by Brandon and Peter the volunteer.

The rest did drama games in the main room with Andrea; we joined them after the rehearsals. We finished off with continuing rehearsals for Destiny Betrayed – from we left off before lunch, to just after the office scene.   

I think today went really well and I hope the rest think so too.

Andy M.