Thinking of Paris, and rehearsing

Thinking of Paris, and rehearsing

Dear All   

Here is the normal review of today’s drama. As we did a lot I may not include everything, but try and mention most items. We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Nick.   

We started with going into the back room to watch a programme recorded last night on the BBC – presented by Kirsty Young, at the old BBC Television Centre in Shepherds Bush, London. It showed some films by a man (I think his name was Richard) – he recreated some old BBC films from the past.

Then (our) Richard said he enjoyed being in the dance group on Thursday night; he also read a new poem about being in love. Next, a minute’s silence in memory of people killed in the Paris terror attacks. Then Brandon talked about changes to some of scenes from Destiny Betrayed.

Next was a warm up with Andrea, then we rehearsed Destiny Betrayed, from page 29 to the Trenches scene; then was lunch. 

In the afternoon we continued rehearsing Destiny Betrayed from the Trenches scene to the finish. We had to do some of the scenes several times as there were changes and got to get them correct. 

In conclusion I think it went well today and I hope the rest will agree. 

By Andy M.