News, shows and drama games

News, shows and drama games

Dear All 

Here is the usual drama email for this week. We did a lot today so I may not mention everything but I will try and mention most items. We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Ashley.

We started in the morning with all of us having a photo by the new black curtain given to the group recently. We then went into the back room to watch a film that we started watching last week – by a man who was remaking old BBC  films from the past.

Then Sam said her nephew Oliver went to see Diversity, the dance group who won Britain’s Got Talent. Mathew James told us all he had been out recently to two events to Henley – to see the show Anything Goes, and to his home town of Fleet to watch a James Bond themed song evening; he liked them both the same.

Zena said she may be filmed for her television appearance on Employ Me to be screened at a future date – this may actually be the following week December 7th – she is not sure.

Soufyan asked about Destiny Betrayed tour dates and venues – we will be performing in Eastbourne sometime next year.

Brandon and others mentioned the performance of Big Laboratory Bang last week in Oakfield Junior School, Fetcham, Surrey.

Pip then talked about the Freewheelers fundraising event at Ashtead last week – it was a Murder Mystery Evening  and lots of money was raised. I then read a preview in a magazine(brought in Viv), of Amandla!, a show about Nelson Mandela’s life.

Next Brandon said that on the last week before we break  up for Christmas the volunteers will perform a show, before which we will all go out to lunch at a local pub. Viv then took names and numbers for this event.

I think we then watched the film I mentioned before, by a man who is recreating old BBC films from the past. Then was lunch break. 

In the afternoon we started with Andrea and Brandon talking about and performing relaxation techniques; next we had a poetry reading and we finished with drama games (which we did do also in the morning).  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest think so too.

Andy M.