Theatre thoughts and rehearsing

Theatre thoughts and rehearsing

Dear All 

Here is  the normal drama email for this week. As we did a load of items I may not mention all of them. We had no visitors and those not there were Ems and Jamie.  

We started with Brandon  and Zena telling us all the BBC will be filming Zena for her television appearance in a programme called Employ Me; I think will be broadcast sometime next year.

Then Brandon mentioned the Freewheelers’ show, Amandla!, based on the life of Nelson Mandela and asked who would be going to see it. Several members said ‘yes’.

Richard then told us he saw the play version of the show The Bodyguard. It starred Amanda Burke, who was on X Factor one year – he said he enjoyed it.

I told everyone about seeing chef Gregg Wallace at The Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia over the weekend, and gave out a signed autograph of him complete with a photo taken by my mother!

Terri saw 42nd Street in London last week and liked it. Daniel saw a show last week; I cannot remember what it was called but he did enjoy it. Zena said she met with The Nomads and other people from Play in a Week to discuss funding and other issues which concerned them.

Sue had her grandchildren over the week and they made lots of items; she enjoyed it. Liz, Luke Tye’s mother, and Anna both saw the film The Lady in the Van last week and both liked it. We then rehearsed some scenes from Destiny Betrayed, involving Zena ready for filming by the BBC next week. Next was lunch time. 

In the afternoon we rehearsed more scenes from Destiny Betrayed involving Zena; we did some of them several times ready for next week’s filming.

We finished off by sitting in circle together to talk about what we do on the last week before we break up for Christmas on December 14th. We will have some Fish or Chicken and Chips from a local takeaway. Pip (volunteer) wanted names and numbers: we will order our food and pay on the date of the meal.  I forgot to say we did talk about making our own version of old television programmes and film sometime.  

In conclusion I think today went well and I hope the rest will agree.  

Andy M.